Our menu: one 60-minute facial

Our menu consists of one item. Yep, just one. A 60-minute facial. That’s it. If that seems somewhat confusing, there is a method to my madness.

I am a skincare expert. I know what you need, what your skin needs. I’m the one who should be choosing that, right? Yep. I often see spas and facialists with menus that are way too long and way too complicated. How does a client know what they need when they aren’t the expert?

This is what we want to solve with our simpler menu. No more ala carte charging for things your skin needs. You shouldn’t be penalized by add-on costs if your skin needs a peel or an extra mask. And I should be able to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to treating your skin.

Easy fix!

We will be offering one, fully customized service to treat what we see the day you come in for your treatment. You might see us 12 times a year and each treatment could be completely different. Because your skin is not the same as someone else’s and your skin is not the same from day to day. We provide a completely bespoke treatment to give you the relaxation you need and the results you deserve.

“Hey Molly,” you might ask, “what will I get in this treatment?”

Great question! My facial is based on a traditional European approach with the addition of high-tech and no-tech modalities to garner fast, noticeable results. I use eco-friendly products with a hyper focus on skin nutrition and wellness.

I do not use microderm and will not incorporate it in the future as I’m opposed to it. I can guide you through that position if you’d like, just ask!

I do extractions if you need it but will not force the issue if your skin does not appear to handle them well. I use natural aromatherapies throughout the treatment to deepen relaxation. There is also a lot of massage in my treatments, which clients tend to really enjoy.

Clients leave my care relaxed, refreshed, and glowing. Depending on the challenges you may be having, I will suggest a regular treatment schedule between every 4-8 weeks.

I will also suggest at-home products for you to use for homework. I say “homework” because it takes effort to have beautiful, healthy skin. I see you once every 4-8 weeks; this means the rest of the time, it’s up to you to follow the routine I lay out for you. You must do a lot of the heavy lifting to make this team work. If you come to me with serious issues that need resolving, I’m going to count on you to commit to your homework. You can count on me to make reasonable, budget-appropriate suggestions that will help us achieve the skin you desire. Remember, if you use unhealthy products on your skin while getting regular facials, you’re taking two steps forward and twenty steps back. Let’s work together to make a fabulous glow!

I have an opinion or two about everything, so I encourage you to let my two decades of experience show you what I can accomplish in a treatment. You are my walking billboard. Helping you put your best face forward is paramount for me, so let’s team up to help you achieve that.

XoXo Molly

Christine MorganComment