Why green & indie beauty?

I’m passionate about beauty products. Just scan through my blog posts or talk with me about products. But why is it so important to me? I’m glad you asked!

It all started for me with a man named Horst Rechelbacher, who founded Aveda in the ‘70s. His mission – in addition to creating lovely products – was to raise awareness about harmful ingredients in the skin and haircare products we use. I was 18 when I enrolled in the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The man who also founded the Institute inspired my 20+ year career of caring about what I put on my body every single day.

Horst’s influence guided us as we began selecting products we wanted to showcase for our Apothespa guests in McCall. We asked ourselves these questions:

  1. Are women involved with creating and formulating these products? Yes? CHECK. We want to support women entrepreneurs in our work. We sought as many women-led/owned brands as we could … and discovered that quite a few are mother-daughter teams just like us!

  2. Are they considered an indie line? We aren’t here to sell you stuff you can get everywhere else. Small, indie makers deserve platforms to be able to amplify their vision and message. We want to be a platform for them.

  3. Do they have a green vision and the business practices to back it up? Green-washing is a no-no for us. Just because you call your products safe and clean and better for the environment, doesn’t mean that’s true. We seek makers who use environmentally friendly business systems, such as wind power. Who use eco-friendly packaging. Who source their ingredients responsibly, from responsible suppliers and farms. We also look at their environmental stewardship. Some of our brands plant a tree for each product we purchase from them. Some donate proceeds to social causes we believe in: the environment, women’s health and advancement, animal rescues and clean water.

  4. Do their products create the best results? Listen, this stuff has to work. It has to make you feel good. It has to make you look good. And it has to keep you safe. I’ve tested all of it. Every. Single. Product. And I stand by them.

We believe in the little guys. The small brands that mean everything to their owners. These products and formulas are the life’s passion of these makers. When you purchase their products, you are investing in their passions. In many cases, you are investing in women entrepreneurs and having an impact on the lives of mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, and grandmothers. And you are helping amplify their gifts with some pretty great environmental and social side benefits to boot.

Horst once said, “Ask ourselves: how can we serve, nurture, and sustain the planet and its people in our business ventures?”

That’s why we chose this path.

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