Give yourself the care you deserve

Some of you may be familiar with the term Hygge. It’s a fun little Danish concept that has caught on over here and on social media over the past couple of years. It’s all about self-care, positive connections with others, and staying focused on enjoying the moment (and all the moments!). Sounds pretty easy, right? If you’re anything like me — mom, student, job-haver, social life wanna-haver, etc. — it can be difficult to live the good life that the Danish have laid out for us.

How do we even begin? Let’s start with Self-Care. The old saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” rings true for a lot of us. We need to fill our cups. Self-Care has been given an ugly nuance over the years and it’s time we abandon that thinking. Women are givers and nurturers, sometimes to our own demise. It’s time we start focusing that nurturing inward. A simple bath with a beautiful bath soak is a great way to give yourself that care. Sounds a bit wonky to be gifting yourself with experiences but HELLO! how are we going to be good to anyone else if we are depleted?

Here’s a little self-care guide that Apothespa can help you achieve:

  1.  Kindred Skincare La Femme 2018: this luxurious oil is the be all and end all of femininity. Wrap your skin in this beautiful oil to feed your feminine spirit and wow any who see the rose shimmers upon your skin. The perfect accessory to any holiday party dress!

  2. Moon Bath Rituals Bath Teas: steep these aromatic teas and include them in your bath to uplift your mood and center your spirit. They also make a beautiful smudging ritual to help clear out bad energy.

  3. Deco Miami: vegan, low-tox nail polishes to keep you far from chemicals and close to fabulous manicures. The little touches matter, take the time to add them to your routine.

  4. Papa’s Apothecary Sandman’s Gift: not sure if you know this, but not sleeping creates Zombies and nobody likes Zombies. This beautiful blue-chamomile-based herbal oil takes life down about 10 notches, perfect for yourself or your little ones.

  5. Innersense Organic Beauty Hair Masque: listen, it’s dry here in McCall. We are all frizzed out both mentally and folically. Fight the frizz with a low-key mask treatment that smells amazing and is eco-friendly to boot.

  6.  Oils, Oils, Oils, and more Oils: ladies, I will shout this from the rooftops: YOU DESERVE OILS ON YOUR FACE. Weird, I get it. Don’t be afraid of oils. Oils preserve and protect our skin. They will make you glow. They are our friends. We have a million oils and we will help you find the one that’s perfect for you personally.

  7.  Sad Shop Co Cards: irreverence is pretty awesome. Quirky cards that make you giggle will probably make other people giggle and giggling is a major part of connecting with other humans. Make other humans giggle by giving them a Sad Shop card. The world is a mess right now and the more we laugh and make others laugh, the better we all will be.

  8. Caramel Caravan Goodies: handmade caramels. I don’t believe I need to expound on this awesomeness.

  9. Scientific Organics Peptide Booster Serum: people are usually pretty surprised when they hear I’m more than 10 years older than they think I am (which is awesome) and it’s mostly due to using peptides. These little wonder-ingredients help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, brighten up hyperpigmentation and reduce inflammation. Inflammation = inflammaging.

  10. Facials! Spend an hour with me and let me do the heavy lifting on releasing stress and tension. Most people have no idea just how much tension they’re storing up in their facial region until it’s been released by a hearty massage. You deserve it!