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For Robyn Bradley, owner of handmade.la conner, it all began years ago with a friend who needed a laundry detergent that wouldn’t make her break out in a rash. “I started working on something that would still get the job done, but in a gentler, more environmentally friendly way,” said Robyn. “Turns out it was pretty amazing stuff. It was one of the first things I made and sold and it’s still one of our most popular products.”

Robyn has applied her love for science and an unquenchable curiosity to creating a successful business headquartered on First Street in La Conner, Washington. The bright and airy showroom features a broad range of her own handmade products, as well as items from 75 other small, independent artists and makers. “It was a way to bring it all together and give us a home,” she said. “People travel from far away just to come and see the shop.”

It’s worth the visit. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to offer a treat to Henrietta, one of handmade.la conner’s four-legged mascots and the inspiration behind her own line of natural dog grooming products.

“Always something exciting”
Inspiration lies at the heart of handmade.la conner. “There is always something exciting on the horizon,” Robyn said. “My passion is trying to work toward something new, something that will grab people’s attention.”

And when Robyn is inspired, she works in what she describes as a “production kitchen” located in the rear of her store. Notice she doesn’t say laboratory or manufacturing area. Nor is the producing done behind closed doors. Anyone visiting the store can watch what’s happening in the kitchen, if they happen to be there when a product is being made or formulated.

Showcasing local ingredients
Located in Washington’s Skagit Valley, a vibrant agricultural region, handmade.la conner showcases local ingredients in products such as its Bow Hill Blueberry Scrub. This gorgeous creation is made using organic heirloom Bow Hill Blueberry powder mixed (by hand) with shea butter and coconut oil. Just wait until you open a jar; the scent is as Robyn says, “divine.” The antioxidant blueberry powder works to pull impurities from and detox your skin, while the shea butter softens and smooths. And you don’t have to travel to La Conner to pick some up – we have several jars on our shelves here at Apothespa in McCall.

In fact, we feature a wide range of handmade.la conner products, including home care, skincare, body care, dog grooming, and products for people who love the outdoors. This varied selection arises, “mostly from people asking for things and me trying to figure out how can I make them in a way that doesn’t harm the environment and isn’t terrible for you,” explained Robyn, adding, “while being effective and smelling great.” Take it from us, her products perform exactly as she describes.

And Robyn isn’t resting on her laurels (or blueberries). She and her team of 11 employees are working on a new product line for mothers and babies – plus a line for kids. And you can be assured that everything will feature only the best natural ingredients and will indeed, be handmade.

Robyn and Henrietta look forward to meeting you in La Conner!

Robyn and Henrietta look forward to meeting you in La Conner!

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