Buyer and Sellers Beware

Here I am on a Saturday, minding my own business, literally, in the shop and in walks a woman. She’s asking me a lot of questions about the products we sell and then shares with me that she sells products of her own. As a supporter of the hustlers and makers of the handmade beauty world, I was all in. But then things went sideways.

She said she makes her essential oil blends with a popular essential oil MLM brand. Ahhh. I asked her if she was an herbalist. She was not. I told her I admired her passion for the wellness industry but I only buy products for our shop from trained herbalists when it comes to essential oils. And from herbalists who focus on USDA certified organic oils. She told me emphatically that her oils were USDA Certified Organic. And this was where I was all OUT. Telling someone an untruth is problematic in our industry. I don’t think there was malice behind it at all, but it’s something I have battled with my entire career.

You see, I have been a licensed and insured esthetician since 1997. For the past 22 years, I have dedicated my life, my education, and my time to increasing my knowledge on skincare. For over two decades, I have kept up on my continuing education, gone to countless trainings, trade events, and classes to be the expert I am today. I have also dedicated my career to combating greenwashing. Greenwashing is a trend in the beauty world where companies and people make false claims about the cleanliness or “greenness” of their products. Much to the detriment of the environment and their users.

One major source of these false claims are folks in the direct sales/marketing field. For the most part, these are unlicensed, untrained, uninsured people who are looking for side work. I respect their hustle, but they are not experts in their field. There can be, and have been, serious problems as a result of these people selling these products and claiming uses for them that can cause harm and even death should these products be administered in the wrong way or to the wrong people. As a professional in this industry, I do what I can to mitigate the damage some of these products can cause, but I won’t idly sit back and allow folks to damage the reputation of my field and the education levels necessary to do what I do.

I am proud of my expertise. I am proud of my long tenure in this field. I am PROUD of the products we have on our shelves. I am proud to be a business and business owner who deals with integrity and honor. Apothespa and it’s staff will NEVER greenwash. We will never make false claims about any of the items we stock or sell. We will never undermine the trust you give us in the name of making a sale. The items we have on our shelves and in our treatments are made by trained and insured experts. They are made safely, labeled accurately, do not make false claims and are safe for use for all depending on allergies.

And they are clean. Because that’s what you deserve.

We are PROUD supporters of independent makers that hold the highest standards for their products and practices.