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Hi, my name is Molly and I am an oil addict.

I haven’t always been addicted to oil, but my beauty life changed when I finally listened to the old-school wisdom of how oil will change your skin. It only took 30 years of fighting my skin, and its natural oil supply, to realize how I was harming and not helping it.

This ode to oil is going to come in a couple of parts because I could ramble on about the subject for hours and none of us have that kind of time. 

Let’s go back to age 12. Ahh, the formative years of our skincare journey. Bleh. I have battled with hormones my entire life thanks to PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). This in turn, has given me hyper-angsty skin with a penchant for breaking out at the slightest grievance.

The vicious cycle of avoiding oil cleansing
Thanks to the non-stop media and marketing-driven narrative that I MUST AVOID ALL OILS OR I WILL DIIIIIIE, I did. And what did my skin do in response? It produced twice the amount of oil, leading to even more breakouts, more insecurity, and more acne products to treat the breakouts I was creating by listening to them and avoiding oil so I wouldn’t die a horrible death. It was a vicious cycle.

So, I stopped it and started oil cleansing. I use a pre-cleansing oil on my skin (dry hands, dry face) to break up dirt, oil, sunscreen, minerals, primers, makeup, pollution, etc. Oil encapsulates bad stuff and when we add water, it emulsifies and loosens the bonds all those things have with the skin so they can be removed.

Waterproof ingredients
What folks don’t realize is that a lot of ingredients in skincare and makeup products are actually hydrophilic (a fancy word for not budging when water is applied). You read that correctly. Water cannot loosen the bonds they create when applied to the skin. Minerals in SPF and makeup? Water resistant. Silicone-based primers? Waterproof. Oils and butters and creams? Water resistant. Have you ever applied oil to the skin and rinsed it with water? Oil is still there. So why would you use a traditional water-based cleanser to remove these products? Hello, breakouts! 

When you oil cleanse, you are prepping the skin to be fully cleansed. If you have dry skin, you can simply wipe your skin clean with a Rawceuticals® Raw Cloth™, followed by a quick tone and the rest of your skincare routine. Or if you’re like me, you follow it with your regular cleanser.

Oil + cleanser
The surfactants in traditional cleansers encapsulate the oil, enabling you to rinse your skin completely clean. The key is you aren’t stripping your skin of its protective layer of oil, so no more over production of your own sebum, which causes chaos on your skin.

Will this make your skin break out? For some people, it may lead to what we call a purge. A purge is when you’re able to pull out whatever might be lurking under the surface of your skin. A lot of folks equate a purge to OMG THIS IS MAKING ME BREAK OUT, I MUST STOP USING IT. No. That’s not it at all. That stuff was going to come out no matter what you used; this just helps it happen faster. My breakouts have died down dramatically since incorporating oil cleansing into my routine. Before, I just wasn’t getting my skin cleaned well enough.

Baby steps
We have many beautiful oil-cleansing products at the shop that I can help you select based on your skin type, skin needs, and budget. Take baby steps with your oil journey. Incorporate it into your routine and see what a tremendous difference it will make in your skin’s life. You’ll be a believer in no time.

XoXo Molly

Stop by Apothespa in McCall, ID, to get Molly’s advice about the right facial oil cleanser for your skin.

Stop by Apothespa in McCall, ID, to get Molly’s advice about the right facial oil cleanser for your skin.