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Kindred Skincare Company Has Changed My Skin

I’m not sure I’ve ever had and AHA moment when it comes to my skin in the past 22 years of doing esthetics, but I’ve had one recently. So much so that I wanted to call out this product line on my blog. You see, I’ve dealt with PCOS-related acne since I was 12. 12!! That is BEEEEP years of me having to wrestle breakouts, my self-esteem as a woman and as a professional skin therapist. And wouldn’t you know it, Frances Thrasher crashes into my life as we were literally moving to McCall to open Apothespa. Frances is the fearless Founder of Kindred. She sent me some products to try and it was love at first oil-cleanse.

Idaho has really messed with my skin. The mountains have taken my normally oily/acneic skin and turned it into this weird dry/dehydrated/sometimes acneic mess. A total cluster and something that has left me, a skin expert, confused as to how best to deal with my own skin. But then I started religiously using Kindred. And my skin started behaving! Like ACTUALLY being good. To the point where I am brave enough now to just use tinted moisturizer out in public. *which is huge for me, and I’m sure many others.

I’ve fallen in love with this line. I don’t do that often. I love the values and the vision behind the founder Frances. She’s delightful and so sharp. We all deserve a Frances in our corner. Major lady crush because she’s killing it.

Anyways. Kindred Skincare Company is a diamond amidst a pile of meaningless brands. And my hope is that I can introduce you to these products in a way that shows you how they work, why you need them, and that investing in them is an investment in your best skin.