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Many skincare spaces tend to muddy the waters when it comes to their treatment menus. They rely on the guests to be the expert by making them choose among a confusing list of similar treatments. At Apothespa, we wanted to remove the redundancy, the confusion, and retain the expertise. That’s why we offer one facial. Our 60 Minute Treatment is a fully-personalized treatment offered by our Esthetician to give you the results you deserve. Your all-inclusive treatment will include:

  • Cleansing

  • Exfoliation with Steam

  • Extractions if Needed

  • A Refining Peel if Needed

  • Massage: Face, Neck, Shoulders, Hands & Arms

  • High Tech Modalities: High Frequency, Ultrasound, LightStim Infrared, Micro Vacuum, JeNu Eye Treatment

  • Low Tech Modalities: Gua Sha, Gemstone Rollers, Facial Cupping

  • Customized Masks, Many Made in Spa

  • Treatment Serums for Face & Eyes

  • Moisturization & SPF Protection

The price of $75.00 is covers all portion of the treatment provided, there will never be additional fees.

You Can Book Online 24 Hours a Day here: