Juniper Ridge Essential Oil — Desert Cedar

Juniper Ridge Essential Oil — Desert Cedar

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Size: 5 ml

Spend a night sleeping under the stars in the Mojave Desert or Eastern Sierra and you may wake up with frost on your sleeping bag, the air crisp and cold. But as the sun crests the horizon and falls on the red bark and small, deep green leaves of the surrounding junipers and cedars, the air is perfumed with a sharp and sweet scent. Redolent of warm leather and desert varnish–a sun baked mixture of resin, minerals, and clay–this fragrance is at the heart of Juniper Ridge’s love song to this arid landscape: Desert Cedar essential oil.

A blend of sustainably wildharvested conifers from the deserts of eastern and southern California. All ingredients are collected by Juniper Ridge and steam distilled in their Oakland workshop.

Usage: Juniper Ridge essential oils can be used in all types of diffusers. Use a few drops in your bath or shower. Add them to unscented lotions or cosmetics, or mix a few drops with organic almond or jojoba oil for an all-natural fragrance and moisturizer. Good for the whole person.

Scent Notes

Sweet cedar resin, warm leather, sharp medicinal top notes


Steam-distilled essential oils from sustainably harvested plants

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