Juniper Ridge Essential Oil — White Sage

Juniper Ridge Essential Oil — White Sage

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Size: 5 ml

Juniper Ridge’s new Essential Oils are an expression of the root of what they do. Essential oils are the most concentrated spirit of a plant, the most effective way to get to the sensory heart of a place.

Essential oils are the purest way to bring the olfactory radiance of these wild places into your home. Juniper Ridge ethically harvests native plant ingredients and steam-distills them for a pure aromatherapy experience. They choose their favorite plants from the mountains, coast, and deserts of the West to share their tale.

Usage: Use as you would any essential oil, in the bath, on your clothes, on your body, or with your favorite diffuser.

Scent Notes

warm, fresh, spicy and herbaceous


100% steam-distilled White Sage (Salvia apiana) essential oil

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