Mix.o.logie Tiny Try Me Kit

Mix.o.logie Tiny Try Me Kit

14.00 19.00

.5 mL each

Trial size versions of all 10 Mix.o.logie fragrances. Your chance to try them all.

IT’s a mini perfume lab in a box!


Mixing different scents together you can create a custom blend. It's like a mini perfume lab in a box! Don't worry, you can't go wrong — they all smell great together. When you discover your favorites, ask us about getting them in full-size (but travel-friendly) rollons.


Sultry (wild musk)

Assured (natural)

Electric (citrus twist)

Charmed (shot of spice)

Inspired (rose floral)

Free (ocean mist)

Poised (clean breeze)

Serene (light floral)

Tenacious (crisp vanilla)

Tender (fruity)


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