Moulton Cocktail Garnish Herbs Garden Bon Bons

Moulton Cocktail Garnish Herbs Garden Bon Bons


There are eight garden truffles in this handcrafted herbal tea selection - two each of Basil, Borage, Lemon Balm and Anise hyssop.

Garden Bon Bon descriptions:

Round Red Clay Truffle - Italian Large Leaf Basil /Ocimum basilicum. Classic Italian larger-leaved sweet basil. Hot in artisanal cocktails these days, throw in a mojito or . 24"-30" HT.

White Clay Truffle with Coffee Bean - Borage/Borago officinalis. Leaves and flowers are cucumber-ey in flavor. Borage was originally used in Pimm's Cup recipes. Muddle leaves for a martini or throw the bright blue flowers into an ice cube tray for dazzlingly sophisticated cocktails on the rocks. 36"-48" HT.

Red Clay Truffle Brownie Square - Anise Hyssop /Agastache foeniculum. Licorice-mint flavor. 24"-36" HT.

Red Clay Truffle with Peppercorn - Lemon Balm/Melissa Officinalis. Aromatic lemon-mint flavor. Switch out with traditional mint for mojitos. 18"-36" HT.

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