Indie Goat No. 2 Detoxifying Beauty Bar

Indie Goat No. 2 Detoxifying Beauty Bar


4.75 oz.

IndieGoat’s Detoxifying bar is a gentle and effective beauty bar. Formulated with active ingredients such as coconut charcoal to detoxify, and kaolin clay to nourish while gently exfoliating. Gentle enough to use daily to cleanse your face. 

How to:

Wet bar with your hands and apply a generous lather to face in circular motion. Gently rinse the lather away allowing your skin to soak in the milky goodness.

Enjoy skin-healing nourishment each day as your body soaks in the richness of the lather. You should see skin condition improvements by day five of use, and by 2 weeks your skin should feel nourished and show improvement.

Key Ingredients: Tea Tree, Lavender, and Charcoal
Key Benefits: Nourishes + Exfoliates
Skin Type: Oily & Blemish Prone

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Acne is really a challenge for many people, especially adult acne. Learn more about how to handle adult acne in a blog by Heather, the Owner of Indie Goat Soap and why this bar is truly an amazing treatment for acne of all types!