Intelligent Nutrients Plant Bioactive Science Hand and Nail Balm

Intelligent Nutrients Plant Bioactive Science Hand and Nail Balm


1.9 fl oz / 58ml

You've never felt love like this before. Light yet dense hand and nail treatment feels like a balm and a butter. Sinks right in without the greasy feel; still lets you use your phone.

Calms cracks

Diffuses dark spots

Rejuvenates nails

Provides moisture barrier

A better hand treatment*

Certified organic super oils, sea bioactives and rich healing fruit butter deliver the ultimate hand and nail therapy.

  • 75% ranked this as the best hand treatment ever used

  • 91% indicated hydrated and softened hands

  • 84% indicated cuticles are smoother, softer and healthier

  • 81% indicated it actually helped mend cuticles

*Based on consumer testing, 3 out of 4 agreed this was the best hand treatment they ever used.

The hand balm is packaged in an aluminum tube for lightweight portability. Aluminum is compact and a very low footprint package made from one of the most recycled materials available. The aluminum tube is very malleability and takes up less and less space in your bag as it is used. Plus, there will never any surprises as to how much product is left because we know you will never want to unexpectedly run out.

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Intelligent Nutrients was created by "the father of Safe Cosmetics" and Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher. As a salon owner and world-famous hairdresser, he was the first to see the ill health effects beauty products had on stylists. With no safe alternatives, he made his own, introducing the concepts of plant-based products, aromatherapy and environmental impact into the world of beauty.

Horst left Aveda to pursue the mission of next-level certified organic, sustainable, inside-and-out beauty. In 2008, IN revealed the first USDA certified organic hair care line. It broke new ground to revolutionize the beauty industry again. Today the company is led by his wife Kiran Stordalen and daughter Nicole Rechelbacher, who were instrumental since day one.

We are an environmental company. Our message is saving the planet and our selves. Our medium is making the best personal care products on earth. Vegan, cruelty-free and made with plants, not petroleum.

Truth matters — that's why we list every single ingredient on our packaging. Our third-party certification seals let you know that products are verified as 65-95% organic, cruelty-free and made with renewable energy.

Organic certification is a long, costly process but we believe integrity is worth investing in. In fact, we also have a full-time staffer to ensure all ingredients, suppliers, formulations and partners live up to our standards.

It only takes a few drops of an ingredient to put the word "natural" — even "organic" — on a product label. Petroleum is "natural," but not healthy, safe or eco-friendly. The beauty industry is self-regulated. Companies don't have to list every ingredient used in a product or do safety testing. That's just not us.

Unfortunately, not all products can be certified due to ingredients needed for the product to perform its primary function. Harmonically Made indicates:

  • Minimum of 80% naturally derived ingredients from plants with the exact % listed on back of pack

  • 100% certified organic aroma

  • The highest organic % possible to support formula function and price

  • All ingredients verified for authenticity and safety

  • No unnecessary fillers for reduced footprint

*To achieve a USDA or Cosmos Seal, the water in shampoos/conditioenrs would need to be a “specialty water (i.e.rose or lavender) which increases the price dramatically along with the overall environmental footprint to harvest, manufacture and ship that “specialty water." A specialty water is NOT needed to be delightful and functional and would result in more waste, greenhouse gases and a higher price to you. The most responsible path is reflective in the Harmonically Made seal.