Harper and Soul Provisions Turmeric Cracked Pepper Blend

Harper and Soul Provisions Turmeric Cracked Pepper Blend


There is a great of depth of flavor with this one. The subtle sweetness of the Vermont maple syrup is balanced by the earthy flavor of the turmeric and then quickly followed with the taste of strong, freshly cracked black pepper that leaves a little heat at the back of your throat. 

Our Turmeric Cracked Pepper blend can be sprinkled on roasted vegetables, like eggplant and cauliflower, used as a crunchy topping for hearty cold-weather soups or served over your favorite curry dishes. Our favorite way to use this one is an unexpected element for your desserts, like vanilla bean ice cream with baked peaches!

We knew we loved the combination of turmeric powder and black pepper with roasted vegetables, so we wanted to bring this flavor through in one of our savory blends. As we experimented with different kinds of ground turmeric, we ran into the issue of the flavor tasting bland or processed. We decided to try whole turmeric instead, at which point, we realized we had never actually tasted the real, authentic flavor of turmeric with any store-bought powders! So, like the Ginger Snap blend, we headed back to our "lab" to get creative.

We first make the 24hr infusion of our small batch Vermont maple syrup with the whole turmeric in a sous vide. Using a sous vide allows us to better concentrate the flavor, as well as ensure no variance in our nutrition facts. This highly controlled method means we don't have to worry about any moisture evaporation in the process, which could lead to a higher concentration of sugar content in the infused syrup. Once the infusion is complete, we strain the syrup, then slowly dehydrate the turmeric and finally grind it in to our own 100% pure, scratch prepared turmeric powder!

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INGREDIENTS (indicates organic*): almonds, macadamia nuts, cashews, walnuts, pecans, coconut flakes*, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds*, small batch Vermont maple syrup*, raw turmeric, coconut oil*, dried egg white powder, water, whole black peppercorn, pink Himalayan salt.


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