Vana Tisanes INFLAME 4oz

Vana Tisanes INFLAME 4oz


Inflammation is the body's autoimmune response to harmful or threatening stimuli, many of which are a normal part of everyday life; as a result, most people experience mild inflammation from time to time. When inflammation becomes more frequent than normal, the body is at risk for chronic inflammation which may result in tissue damage and numerous ailments.

Inflame is a lovely blend that is meant to relieve the imbalances of the body that is overcome by too much heat and stress. The herbs in this blend are high in anti-inflammatory properties, sedative properties, and produce pain relieving properties similar to ibuprofen and aspirin.  Anti-inflammatory herbs like basil, parsley, boswellia and cinnamon provide a sweet and rich broth-like flavor making this one of our favorites.

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Basil Leaf, Boswellia Tear, Cinnamon, Ginger Root, Licorice Root, Parsley Leaf, Rosemary Leaf, Turmeric, White Willow Bark

Flavor Profile

Complex, Rich, Savory, Sweet

How Often

Daily for six to eight weeks, followed by a two week break before resuming.

Use cautiously if

  • 1. Have severe liver or kidney disease

  • 2. Have high fever

  • 3. Have bleeding disorder

  • 4. Have peptic ulcer or bleeding ulcers

  • 5. Have inflammatory skin disease

  • 6. Take sleep medications

  • 7. Have hypertension

  • 8. Have heart problems

  • 9. Have thyroid problems

  • 10. Have high blood pressure

  • 11. Suffering from osteoporosis

  • 12. Have sensitive stomach or sensitive to aspirin

  • 13. Pregnant