Vivaiodays Turmeric Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Vivaiodays Turmeric Broad Spectrum Sunscreen


3.4 fl oz, 30 SPF

0% synthetics, with 20% non-nano zinc oxide and turmeric, an antioxidant that protects from long-term damage caused by UV radiation

Easily absorbed
Easy to apply (soft texture)
Coral reef-safe
Perfect for kids and adults!

The Bajau in Borneo — the nomadic, seafaring people of maritime SE Asia who spend most of the day under the sun — discovered the healing magic of turmeric long before it was popular in the west. In fact, they use borak, a dried turmeric paste combined with other natural ingredients, to protect even baby skin against harmful sun rays, while keeping skin healthy.

Made with healing Organic Turmeric oil & 20% uncoated Zinc Oxide, a super-safe & effective physical blocker, this essential sun protector shields delicate skin with strong antioxidant activity. Non-nano, UVA-UVB-IR broad-spectrum protection ideal for the entire family. Also features: Organic Sea Buckthorn Pulp Oil that helps naturally strengthen skin immunity. Organic Calendula & Shea Butter calm, hydrate and soothe delicate skin. Colorless & easy to apply from head to toe keep your little ones safe, sound & perfectly protected!
Dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin. Gluten free. Cruelty free.

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