1. a person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs. The word derives from the Latin apothēca or "storehouse."


  1. a commercial establishment offering health and beauty treatments through such means as facials, steam baths, exercise equipment, and massage.

At Apothespa, we are combining the concepts of an apothecary and a spa. We are creating a “storehouse” of products, information, and services, with an emphasis on indie makers (many from the Pacific Northwest) who focus on eco-friendly ingredients. We are the only certified organic spa in McCall.

When choosing our apothecary products, we look for clean, transparent formulations that are obviously free of harmful chemicals. We choose makers who are proud to share their formulations. And we limit “proprietary” ingredients that don’t spell out what goes into them.

In addition, we are very excited about the talented women makers in the eco-friendly industry and are proud to showcase their amazing work.

When providing our spa services, we take a “less is more” approach. Our menu is simple — we offer one 60-minute facial. If you’d like a 30-minute rant, just ask Molly what she thinks of complicated spa menus with lots of add-ons. The time of year, the time of day, the time of the month makes your skin unique. It is truly new every day. And Molly will meet you where your skin is, tailoring a treatment that is just right for you…and your skin. Her clients often ask her, “What have you made for me this time,” because every treatment is different. And every treatment will make a difference in your skin.

Doing business sustainably
Finally, we strongly believe in reducing our impact on this beautiful planet. Therefore, we strive to do everything we can to operate sustainably and partner with vendors who do so as well. We welcome you into the only indie beauty spa in McCall!